dTIMS Your Way

No matter where you are located in the world, a well-trained, experienced project management team will work closely with your agency to ensure a successful project implementation. Our group of in-house experts or one of Deighton’s Certified Consultants will ensure your dTIMS solution is configured and tailored to your organization’s asset management needs and requirements.


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Software as a Purchase (SaaP)

SaaP meets the needs of those agencies that require direct control of their system and its hosting environment. Based on agency specifications, we’ll work directly with the agency’s IT team to securely install and deploy the system—and they will manage the system and hosting.

Due to the integration between EAMS and other applications, and the additional configuration and cumbrous data flow processes that follow an offsite hosted solution, some agencies prefer that the dTIMS EAMS application be hosted on site.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud-based implementations deliver improved cash flow, predictable costs, controlled risk, on-demand access from anywhere, and immediate gains in flexibility. By delivering dTIMS as a SaaS model, an internet connection is all the IT infrastructure you need. With fast implementation, painless upgrades, global access, and reliable data security, our SaaS asset management solution will help save you valuable time, reduce capital investment, and unify your team.

Cloud-based SaaS solutions such as dTIMS involve a significantly lower up-front investment than on-premises solutions. Implementation costs are reduced, because cloud products are easy to deploy and require minimal initial and on-going involvement from your in-house IT resources. The subscription-based access to dTIMS ensures no upfront capital expenditure or upgrades, and predictable ongoing operating expenses.