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Day-to-Day Asset Management.

A maintenance management tool, used by managers, administrators, supervisors, and field staff to track day-to-day requests, work, and resources.

Productivity Enhancements

dTIMS expedites maintenance activities, resource utilization, organization, cooperation, and coordination with other units of your agency.

Maximize Asset Life Cycle

The asset management life cycle is a cradle to grave process for all assets. dTIMS helps operate and maintain assets to deliver required return to the enterprise.

Minimize Cost of Ownership

dTIMS aids in preventative maintenance of assets, minimizing the cost of

Customer Service Requests. 

dTIMS provides handles both internal and external customer service requests. The solution scope includes request capture, request routing (inspections and defects), and collaboration capabilities. 


Service Requests

Generate an inspection, a task, or a defect to resolve a reported issue, and track it by a tracking number. Requests can also contain images.


Service requests can generate an inspection. Mobile users can enter the results into a dTIMS mobile app or an external app linked to dTIMS asset repository.


A defect may be created after an inspection. Locate and drill down into defect information using the a map. 


Work Orders.

Track all work, and understand what is behind your schedule and why. Develop work orders based on e-mail notifications or other logic that match your agency's maintenance operations.


Effective scheduling results in less overtime. Assign crews and employees to work orders and geographically schedule work.


Improved tracking of employees on specific tasks, when tasks are completed, and other aspects of employee performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your assets and the equipment that supports those assets at an acceptable level of service.

Empowering Field Staff.

dTIMS mobile apps enable your agency to improve accuracy, deliver better service, and manage assets more efficiently because your field staff can record as they work rather than waiting to document work after the fact.

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Custom App

Leverage your investment in dTIMS OM with our dTIMS App that enables field staff to respond to scheduled work and inspections or collect data. 

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On or Offline

dTIMS Apps function online and offline. All of our mobile devices will allow you to log, track, and adjust work activities regardless of connectivity. 

Customized Forms

Let’s face it, not every agency collects the same data. Your agency can easily customize data collection forms in dTIMS.



The most valuable insights from dTIMS OM come from reports generated and the collaboration of the people using the system. dTIMS empowers a wide range of users that possess a wide range of capabilities.


Generate reports that allow you to identify trends on key performance indicators, track worker productivity and material usage, and monitor work order completion rates.

System Configuration

Entity Configuration represents the structure of your maintenance management database and your link to customization to the common asset repository. 


Role-Based Security

Assign roles to users based on the work they perform. Create, edit (edit emails, claims and assign roles), and delete users of the system.

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Video recording

Click here to request a link to the dTIMS OM Web Event (27:19)

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Download the dTIMS OM datasheet for more features.