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Strategic Asset Management 

A decision support tool to aid in making consistent, accurate, and informed decisions concerning the life cycle of assets.


Data Collection and Transformation. 

A relational database with temporal and hierarchical functionality stores your asset inventory and condition data in one central asset repository. Structure the database to support virtually any attribute that describes the composition or condition of the assets that you are managing.  

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Asset Inventory

Instant access to your asset data. Store condition, traffic, construction history, work history, corridor assets (including sidewalks), and more.

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Data Loading

Data consumption is accomplished with minimal manipulation from the source, ensuring accuracy and consistency of the data across the enterprise.


Asset Condition

Aggregate inspection data with work history data to view current condition of your network. Understand the condition of an asset now and in 5, 10, or 20 years.

Optimized Decision Making.

dTIMS features the most robust optimization engine on the market which enables you to plan for your short, medium, and long term planning horizons.

Budget Analysis

How much does your agency need to spend to reach your target level of service? How much money will be needed over the next 5, 10, or 20 years?

Asset Modelling

Models determine treatments, life expectancy, and performance of your assets. dTIMS is flexible enough to handle all deterministic and probabilistic models. 

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Generate standard, custom, ad-hoc, and map-based reports across your agency to help communicate decisions. View the impact of work plans, or simulate potential budget changes.

Manage Your Entire Asset Portfolio.

Agencies need to manage a broad range of assets, with each asset deteriorating at a different rate and requiring interventions that often times are not optimally coordinated to reduce costs and limit disruption to customers. 

Cross Asset Analysis and Automated Investment Planning are two features in dTIMS BA that enable trade-off analysis and "what-if" scenarios across multiple assets.

Cross Asset Analysis

Maximize the benefit of allocating funding between assets (roads, bridges), geographical units (parishes, districts, regions), or asset classes (arterial, collector, local) to help determine an optimum distribution of funds. 

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Automated Investment Planning

Automate the process of generating and reviewing investment planning for the same asset. Explore various "what-if" scenarios by allocating different funding levels and comparing the results.

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Video recording

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Download the dTIMS Mobile datasheet for more features.