dTIMS for Asset Management

Deighton develops dTIMS (Deighton's Total Infrastructure Management System). Asset managers rely on the system daily to manage their assets over their entire useful life, from construction to operations to disposal. 


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Business Analytics

Strategic planning needs for your agency now and into the future. Data insights you need to prioritize your highest value projects and defend your investment decisions. 


Operations Management 

Day-to-day maintenance management for your agency. For use by dispatchers, supervisors, and field staff to track service requests, work, and resources.

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Business Intelligence

Leverage your dTIMS investment with faster, actionable insights from your dTIMS system. Get a real-time view of performance across your agency.

A Sampling of our Clients

dTIMS is the foundation of all our pavement activities. We are better at determining our early pavement preservation activities which helps stretch our dollar value and improves the life cycle of our network.

— Sr. Engineer - City and County of Denver, CO
The forecasting robustness of dTIMS has confirmed the confidence in the system for planning and optimization of maintenance spending for the New Zealand roading industry.

— Chief Executive, IDS Limited, New Zealand
The great value of dTIMS is that it gives us a clear understanding of the condition of the entire network, be it bridges, pavements or utilities.

— Capital Projects Manager, City of Fort Collins, CO