Understand the Condition of your Network.

Understand the condition of any road, functional class, parish, or district today, and in 5, 10, or 25 years. dTIMS stores condition data from road inspections and deterioration models used to predict the future condition of assets. 

Average PCR

street segment pci.png

Forecast Pavement Deterioration

Deighton will work with you to establish the simplest models that will reflect the reality of pavement performance and represent the type of pavements typical to the network. dTIMS supports pavement deterioration models (deterministic and probabilistic), works effects models (quantify the impact of different treatment options), and cost models (road user costs models). 



Keep Your Good Roads 'Good'

Keeping your pavement network in good condition is the most effective and least costly way to prevent deterioration and extend pavement life. Over the long haul, good roads cost less for your agency to maintain, for taxpayers and road users.

dTIMS vs 'Worst First'

The results of a dTIMS vs 'Worst First' study for a typical dTIMS municipal client shows the required costs to maintain an average PCR of 70 using dTIMS versus a 'worst first' approach to pavement management. 

The Foundation of Pavement Management

Improve your efficiencies in pavement management by applying the right treatment at the right time. The right pavement treatment can extend the life of the road.


Develop Pavement Projects.

dTIMS offers the most robust analysis engine on the market. Once your pavement models are created for each element, dTIMS analysis will generate a list of strategies and optimize the strategies based on your budget scenarios. The end result is a report of your recommended pavement projects for each year.

project map.png

Determine the Funding you Need.

dTIMS will choose a mix of treatment types which maximize the benefit while not exceeding the budgets for either budget category. This ensures that all the available budget is spent to produce optimum benefits.

How Much Do You Need?

Analyze and report on the current and future condition of any asset over time periods up to 150 years. Then determine what it will cost to maintain the current condition of your assets into the future. Compare operating, and maintenance requirements for your pavement network.

Justify Increased Funding

Produce compelling analysis results that can be used to justify
increased funding for severe or catastrophic events (for example,
justify additional funding for a road network after a winter of
severe weather).