dTIMS Insight
Anytime, Anywhere.

A dashboard tool that enables faster, actionable insights from dTIMS.

Pavement View.

Get insight into the condition of your pavement network at a glance. What condition is your network currently in? What will it look like in 15-20 years? Drill down into more detailed information on a specific sub-network.

Bridge View.

View overall network bridge condition detail, health index, and NBI ratings (including culvert rating, deck rating, structural condition, sub- structure, and super structure ratings). 

Stormwater View.

View the cost distribution based on stormwater inventory. View inspection data based on illicit discharge inspection forms. View encroachment evidence data based on inspections.

Operations View.

Get a view of which work orders have been scheduled, completed, and past due. Managing the backlog of work requests is a key responsibility of maintenance department leaders. Making decisions based on priority work and keeping the schedule up-to-date is critical.

Find out the time spent performing a job. Consistently underestimating the time it takes to complete a job can lead to your agency paying too much in overtime labor costs.

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Video recording

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Download the dTIMS BI datasheet for more features.