Managing Arkansas Bridges


The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) procured the services of Deighton Associates Limited to implement a bridge management system capable of producing preservation, rehabilitation and replacement recommendations on the state’s network of bridges.

Project Details

This project allowed for the implementation of the Bridge Management System (BMS) within dTIMS so that the pavement management system (PMS) and the BMS would reside in the same system to enable ARDOT to move towards a more holistic approach to managing these important assets.

ARDOT uses InspectTech software for managing bridge inventory and condition data, and wanted to integrate the data and models into a strategic level tool to assist in resource allocation decisions to achieve strategic targets such as funding levels and/or service levels.

The ARDOT BMS was configured to analyze the network of bridges to recommend alternative preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement strategies based upon the following condition performance measures:

  • Culvert Rating
  • Deck Rating
  • Substructure Rating
  • Superstructure Rating
  • Paint Element Condition
  • Joint Element Conditions
  • Bridge Condition Index

The following tasks were completed by Deighton as part of this project:

  • Created Bridge Data View
  • Created dTIMS Database
  • Imported Bridge Data
  • Conducted Analysis Parameter Workshop
  • Developed Performance Models
  • Established Treatment Types
  • Established Treatment Triggers
  • Added Economic Parameters
  • Generated Strategies & Optimized Network
  • Reviewed Recommended Program
  • Training and documentation
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