Solutions for Asset Management Professionals

Smart planning of infrastructure projects and maintenance of assets has a significant benefit to the entire community. With a growing number of end users and increasing data volumes, today's transportation agencies are managing a larger number of departmental integration issues than ever before. You need a sustainable solution for your infrastructure investment.

Deighton has been providing sustainable infrastructure asset management solutions and services for more than 31 years. We are an industry leader. We assist our clients in maintaining their infrastructure assets through: asset inventory compilation, maintenance, condition assessment, life-cycle analysis and optimization, and communicating the results to decision-makers.

Manage All Your Assets with Our Solution

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Pavements: Manage the largest single class of assets in transportation and public works agencies. Features level of service, performance, and risk-based analysis. 


Utilities: Model pipe decay, plan and prioritize inspection and renewal programs, and provide long term analysis data collection costs, system renewal, and replacements costs.

Sidewalks, curbs and gutters: Manage as stand-alone assets or include as ancillary assets in conjunction with or in advance of any pavement / infrastructure project.

Facilities: Connect the facility to its component assets (hierarchy) and manage all data together in one platform including roofing, plumbing, lighting, HVAC, and more.


Bridges: Component level and element level analysis of your agency's bridges to optimize the bridge program using the health index, risk, asset value, or any combination.

Signals: Manage signal and ITS assets including inventory and analysis, signal cabinets, signal heads, traffic detectors, cameras, and more. 

Signs: Work programs can be based on corridors or individual sign replacement strategies. Reactive work can be scheduled based on crash damage and/or vandalism.

Guide rails: Manage as a unique asset group or as an ancillary asset referenced to the highway Location Reference System (LRS).