Asset Management Experts

No matter where you are located in the world, a well-trained, experienced project management team will work closely with your agency to ensure a successful project implementation. Our group of in-house experts will ensure your dTIMS® solution is configured and tailored to your organization’s asset management needs and requirements.



Experienced Team

Deighton has worked for over 30 years implementing dTIMS asset management solutions for clients ranging in size from municipal to state. This includes transportation assets as well as building / facilities and municipal assets such as utilities.

Roadway - Roadway Pavement, Linear barriers (i.e. guardrail and barrier walls), Ground Mounted Signs, Right of Way, ITS Elements, Roadway Lighting, Curbs and gutters, Sidewalks

Structures - Bridge Structures, Culverts, Structural Walls, Tunnels

Sub Surface Utilities - Potable Water, Storm water, Wastewater


Proven Implementation Approach

All dTIMS implementations follow a process that has been used successfully for all of our implementations.  We feel this process allows us to follow a structured implementation plan, yet allowing us to inject flexibility into the final solution as required and appropriate.  Furthermore, best practice is always considered during the implementation, and one of our roles is to align the best practice with the business process of the client.

knowledge transfer.png

Knowledge Transfer

Deighton firmly believes that knowledge is best transferred when Deighton and the client form a collaborative partnership during the development of the solution.  This means that rather than a turn-key approach, clients are actively involved in the development process during each phase of the project. This affords the best capture of the business processes and allows staged review of the deliverables along the way.  The client team learns along the way and has a much more vested interest in the outcome since they were a part of the development process.

quality control.png

Documentation & Rigid Quality Control

Every dTIMS Solution includes delivery, installation, and testing of the software as well as customizations in the client environment. To ensure the proper setup, an installation guide is provided at the start of software installation. This documentation includes details on customizations, connection, and integration with external systems.

Testing includes automated testing (shown), unit, and system testing to verify that the software or customizations function correctly in the client environment, and that all components and integrations work as designed.


Training & Certification

Deighton’s training consists of technical theory, instructions, video learning, self-paced tutorials and hands-on operations with the development version of your system. Certification in dTIMS is available through dTIMS Peer Exchanges or the Deighton User Conference.