Used by 22 U.S. State DOTs

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dTIMS provides accurate, reliable, and repeatable life cycle cost analysis. Evaluate and ensure the right pavement projects are done at the right time by evaluating the cost effectiveness of different pavement preservation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction treatments.



Manage Inventory

Instant access to your road data. View and update information by street, district, region, class and more. Import data from any data collection vendor, or link to any existing database through an external connection. Use the built-in dTIMS LRM or seamlessly integrate with Esri Roads and Highways.


Measure Condition

Understand the condition of any road, functional class, parish, or district today, and in 5, 10, or 25 years.  dTIMS stores condition data and deterioration models used to predict the future condition of assets. This includes: performance curves, treatments, triggers or decision trees, treatment costs, and budgets. 


Optimize Your Programs

dTIMS provides the most flexible and powerful analysis and optimization engine in the industry. It will meet your planning needs now and into the future.


Report on Your Network

Detailed reports, comparative reports, map-based reports, and more. View the impact of current work plans or simulate the potential impact of budget increases or cutbacks.


In Our Corner


Create Work Programs

Compare the condition of your assets and your funding needs by geographical areas or business divisions. Understand the condition of any road, functional class, parish, district today and in 5, 10, or 25 years. 



Automated Mapping or GIS

Manage and map accurate linear and spatial information about your assets. Use the dTIMS built in Linear Reference System (LRS) or leverage your investment in an existing system, such as Esri Roads & Highways.



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