ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT that encompasses strategic planning with maintenance operations and capital investment decision making.

Improve Strategic Decision Making.

A flexible and sophisticated life cycle cost analysis and optimization tool that meets the planning needs of an agency now and into the future. 

Plan for future maintenance: Create an effective, optimized, long term maintenance strategy.

Predict "sustainabilty" cost: What will it cost to maintain the status quo into the future?

Use the right treatment at the right time: Limit subjective recommendations in favour of “big picture” network planning which direct project level recommendations.

Understand what it takes to change objectives: Plan for and determine how to achieve a desired Level of Service and know how much it will cost.

 Typical deterioration mofor 

dtims om.png

Manage Day-to-Day Operations.

A maintenance management tool, used by managers, administrators, supervisors and field staff to track day-to-day requests, work, and resources.

Address business challenges:

  • Productivity enhancements
  • Maximizing assets life cycle
  • Minimizing total cost of ownership

Increased efficiencies & informed decisions:

  • Asset Inventory
  • Maintenance history
  • Financial impacts
  • Regulatory compliance & accreditation

Quicker, Smarter Decisions.

A dashboard tool that enables faster, actionable insights from data.

Streamline the data-analysis process: Information can be shared quickly and collaboratively.

You get faster, actionable insights: Because who has the time to analyze complicated data and turn it into intelligence?

Unlocks the power of dTIMS analysis for all stakeholders: Different departments and roles need to consolidate their data 

No need to understand how your asset management software works: Easy to read, one page summary of the analysis.

dTIMS BI.png

Integrates with Your Enterprise.

It takes more than one enterprise system to keep an agency running. 

  • LRS 
  • GIS
  • Human resources
  • Fleet & fuel
  • Water
  • External dashboards
  • Financial
  • Other

Complies with Federal Regulations.

Federal and state regulations are constantly changing. The flexibility inherant in dTIMS allows an agency to comply with the ever changing regulations, such as:

  • FHWA regulations
  • MAP 21
  • FAST Act
  • ADA Compliance
  • HPMS
  • GASB 34
  • NBI Bridge Standards

A SCALABLE solution for all of your assets.

pavements icon.png

Pavements: Manage the largest single class of assets in transportation and public works agencies. Features level of service, performance, and risk-based analysis. 


Utilities: Model pipe decay, plan and prioritize inspection and renewal programs, and provide long term analysis data collection costs, system renewal, and replacements costs.

Sidewalks, curbs and gutters: Manage as stand-alone assets or include as ancillary assets in conjunction with or in advance of any pavement / infrastructure project.

Facilities: Connect the facility to its component assets (hierarchy) and manage all data together in one platform including roofing, plumbing, lighting, HVAC, and more.


Bridges: Component level and element level analysis of your agency's bridges to optimize the bridge program using the health index, risk, asset value, or any combination.

Signals: Manage signal and ITS assets including inventory and analysis, signal cabinets, signal heads, traffic detectors, cameras, and more. 

Signs: Work programs can be based on corridors or individual sign replacement strategies. Reactive work can be scheduled based on crash damage and/or vandalism.

Guide rails: Manage as a unique asset group or as an ancillary asset referenced to the highway Location Reference System (LRS).