2017 dTIMS Australian Peer Exchange

The Deighton team would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to participate in the 2017 dTIMS Peer Exchange in Australia. 

Last month we traveled overseas, sponsoring our first dTIMS Peer Exchange in Brisbane.  It was thrilling to be over 9,000 miles from home and run into so many appreciative clients; from agencies, such as TMR, BCC, Transurban, RMS, NT, and MRWA. Also in attendance were Deighton partners, Downer, Certs, Talis, HDR, and Dykman Consulting.

Divided over two days the Peer Exchange covered an array of topics such as; dTIMS product overviews, training, and panel discussions.

During the product overviews Deighton showcased some of the latest technologies released this year, and presentations on Bridge and Risk Management implementations using dTIMS. 2017 was a successful product release year for Deighton. We launched dTIMS Business Intelligence (BI), an extremely powerful dashboard that allows users to visualize data, consolidate information from multiple applications for reporting purposes, and most importantly track key performance indicators (KPIs). Deighton also released dTIMS Business Analytics (BA). dTIMS BA is a fully web enabled product that combines the power and flexibility our users have come to expect, with improved integration, performance, and deployment technologies.  

Day one concluded with an open panel discussion led by Peter Kadar. The purpose was to create a unique opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer exchanges that provide insights, opinions, and perspectives on important issues facing our industry.

aussie pe2.png

The final day of the Peer Exchange was dedicated to training. Deighton is committed to improving users experience with dTIMS, and to be successful in this endeavour it is crucial clients understand how the tools work. Our training session included videos and tutorials that provided the audience with a hands-on training experience.

With limited time, we were unable to demonstrate two additional products launched this year, dTIMS Operations Management (OM) and dTIMS Mobile.  dTIMS OM is a maintenance management tool, used by managers, administrators, supervisors, and field staff to track day-to-day requests, work, and resources. Deighton will be hosting an online demonstration of these products in May.

We hope to see everyone at the 2018 Deighton Australian Peer Exchange!