Prioritize Ancillary Assets in Your Solution

Historically, transportation asset management has focused more on pavements and bridges, and less on ancillary assets such as sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and others.

Deighton solutions encompass all the assets you manage and we will work with you to incorporate ancillary transportation assets into your existing system. Many agencies benefit from prioritizing the different asset classes for inclusion, particularly where there are limited funds for the development of formal asset management programs.

Considering Adding a New Asset to your dTIMS Solution?

dTIMS is a flexible solution, and accommodates asset management for virtually any asset under management within your agency. No matter where your asset management journey begins, or what assets you want to include, dTIMS can help you make data driven investment and funding need decisions for assets individually and collectively.

The following tasks outline what is required to implement an asset management analysis for any asset:

  • Determine performance measures from collected data.
  • Develop scoring mechanisms and index calculations based on the developed performance measures.
  • Develop performance models and deterioration curves for each performance measure.
  • Develop treatment interventions for various stages of performance including treatment triggers, treatment costs and treatment resets.
  • Develop a data structure and data loading process so that required supporting data can be loaded into dTIMS.
  • Configure the dTIMS database to accept the data.
  • Configure the dTIMS analysis including all required analysis variables, treatments, analysis expressions, analysis sets, and budget scenarios.
  • Execute, test, and refine the analysis as necessary and configure a series of output reports to demonstrate the results analysis.

Featured Ancillary Asset Projects



Colorado DOT maintains a number of simple unmanned tunnels as well as a number of highly complex manned tunnels. Deighton included them an ancillary assets in dTIMS.

facilty thumbnail.jpg


Like many DOTs, Colorado DOT has limited financial resources and must weigh the investment in facilities against the investment in other core transportation assets.



The City and County of Denver added alleys to their asset management solution