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Deighton User Conference 

The Deighton User Conference (DUC) is an annual international infrastructure asset management conference. It is attended by dTIMS professionals to exchange ideas and build one-on-one relationships with asset management professionals from around the world, including: North America, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia to name a few. Hear from our experts as they explore the latest product technologies and workflow possibilities - or discover new techniques firsthand.

Regional Peer Exchanges

dTIMS Peer Exchanges are learning events that present local asset management best practices and peer-to-peer guidance. These events also enable users to take full advantage of dTIMS software in the shortest possible time through training modules. 

Web Events

Deighton Web Events are scheduled GoToMeeting webinars which showcase dTIMS features. Each interactive web event is  recorded for future reference.